Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Great Australian Bight.


After escaping a stinking hot Perth, we finally reached Adelaide - or as it is more fondly called, Radelaide. To be completely honest, I thought we were never going to get there because we were flying Jetstar, which for those of you who aren't Australian, are so unreliable that their plane defaulted during the safety demonstration. Eventually we did get there in one piece after a three-hour delay and were greeted first by the Lions and Mia's parents and secondly by the oh-so-charismatic mayor of the suburb.

The first full day in Adelaide was spent on a boat, feasting on seafood and swimming in Port Adelaide. The second day consisted of a trip over the Adelaide Hills to Victor Harbour, a cute little coastal town with lots to do. Apparently the area is renowned for its whale watchimg, thus the elaborate mosaics in the pictures. We then caught the horse-drawn tram over to Granite Island (the name says it all), which was quite a novelty. After scaling the rocks and looking out over the royal blue sea towards the South Pole, it was time to head back to the mainland for some fish and chips. Unfortunately, they didn't agree with Mia's stomach which made our time at Port Elliot quite interesting, though we were all amused at a man standing on his head on the beach for hours on end.


The Sunday for us was pretty quiet, after having a much-needed late start, we headed off to Adelaide Zoo. The dy was a scorcher so we didn't see many lively animals, save for a babboon trying to cool off by drifting his feet in the water and an overly inquisitive giraffe. Though Ishaa and I were tempted to buy a fluffy panda hat, we resised and went home to relax under the aircon.


My favourite day of all in South Australia was also unfortunately our last. Hahndorf, a small German village nestled amongst the Adelaide Hills, was our destination and so we spent hours lookin through all the touristy little shops there. We even came across a puppet shop with Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott puppets. Unfortuntely Julia wasn`t available because she`d already sold out!

That afternoon we visited the Lions Hearing Dog Centre in Verdun, where we met Babs, the friendly little pomeranian cross. It was really interesting learning how dogs can be helpful for the hearing-impaired too, rather than just the blind. That evening we were kindly hosted to a NAB reception in the CBD, where we discussed future plans and learnt a little about the finance industry. As a final goodbye, I went out for dinner to the Grange Hotel on Grange Beach with Mia on her family, where we ate ourselves silly on every type of fish, antipasto and dessert. To top the evening off, I even got to finally see the sun set over the ocean, seeing as we missed out in Western Australia!


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