Thursday, 11 April 2013

Snapshots from Peru.

Just a quick update today - thought I'd give you all a general insight on what my life has been like over the past two months (exactly today!) - enjoy!

My Rotary blazer after the first trip // Military school and its interesting architecture in Chorrillos // Cocaine lollies // Papa Rellena (Stuffed potato) // Australian pride on a pirate ship in Ecuador // Foggy day on the beach, so eerie // Sunset over the slums // Donating wheelchairs to those in need in Sullana // New school emblem at Pedro Ruiz Gallo

Ridiculously cute kittens in my front yard // Costa Verde looking over to Miraflores // With some of the other Rotary kids in Ecuador // HARLEM SHAKE! // Purple corn used to make 'chicha morada' // Start of my bracelet collection // La Curba in Chorrillos // Papaya juice and Peruvian passionfruit // Viva el Peru!

An inventive form of busking in the centre of Lima // Street art in Barranco // My girls! // So many cats in Parque Kennedy // Plaza San Martin in central Lima // Plaza de Armas in central Lima with beautiful gardens // New beanie at the night markets in Parque Kennedy // Treats from home // LLAMA!

Selfie Saturday pre-fiesta // Ceviche (raw fish oxidised by lemon juice), the typical dish of Peru // Oballo a La Curva // Made some new pins! // Peruvian purchases for the blazer // Before going out in Larco Mar // Giant dog at Plaza Lima Sur (and my attractive school uniform) // Inca Kola, the national drink of Peru (sort of tastes like bubblegum and is ridiculously addictive) // Finally, the shining light at the end of the tunnel! (Coffee doesn't really happen here)

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