Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Dia de la Madre // Mother's Day

Mother's Day here in Peru falls on the same day as it does in Australia, though it is much more of a big deal over here. Of course there's all the advertising and propaganda that comes along with any holiday, but here they take it to a whole new level. Street vendors weave between traffic to try and sell you heart-shaped balloons, chocolate, roses, and some people even paint vacant walls with hearts and 'Feliz Dia Mama!'.

Seeing as all the exchange students now have more than one mother, that made the day extra special. We all had a get-together in La Molina to present a few little surprises and to pay a deserved thank you to our 'mums' here. All of us had prepared drama skits, reflecting the different types of mothers there are. We had the 'party mum', 'gossipy mum', 'preoccupied mum', 'strict mum', and of course the 'Rotary mum'. They were all hilarious- there was a bit of cross-dressing (some of the boys made very convincing mums) and the whole audience seemed to really enjoy it. I was the 'Rotary mum', and pretended to be sending my daughter off to another country, whilst also receiving a new host daughter from Finland, and all the ups and downs associated with that.

We then all presented our mums with roses, as well as received our gold medals for winning the Rotary Olympics a few weeks earlier. We all cooked something for a buffet kind of dinner, and I made pasta for the first time in three months (and boy, oh boy, do I miss it). The Peruvian outbounds (the sons and daughters of our current host mums) had also put together some short videos wishing their mums all the best on their special day and it was so emotional! I was crying so much when I saw Clara's message (my host mum's daughter who is in Germany right now). It was really such a beautiful night with the Rotary family!

One of the skits!

David (guy who was in the same house as I am now before I came), Mama and I
The whole family!

Photos by the lovely Diana Fernandez, and also stolen from Henry.

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