Monday, 23 September 2013

Back to the Future.

My first plate of gnocchi in more than half a year! // Homer Simpson's churro stand, interesting form of advertising! // Saying goodbye to my other little Danish sister // Creative Peruvian tshirt design // Enjoying the beautiful waterfalls in Huancaya // BASE jumping at the military base in Lima // Getting a face full of cake and an unimpressed Mamá on my birthday // Learning to cook at university // Pre-shooting makeup to help out a friend in his fashion portfolio!

Mountain architecture in Vilca // With some professional marinera dancers and Nate // Swimming in the Amazon River // Beautiful and rare sunset over the Costa Verde in winter // Winning 'most photogenic intercambista' // The cutest ice cream creation I've ever seen! // Bought my first llama jumper! // Ushering at the South American Conference for Education at the Hilton Hotel // The stunning Andes Mountains.

Natural beauty in Huaraz // Having a casual drink at a winery in Ica // Sunset over the Amazon River // Ceviche at La Rosa Nautica // Looking over my kingdom from San Bartolo // Flying over the Nazca Lines // Prost! With Suiza at La Rosa Nautica // Climbing endlessly up the sand dunes of Huacachina // Brisas crew 2012-13 at the Cena de Despedida.

Hanging out with an Amazonian tribal leader // Barbequed guinea pig, anyone? // En route to Huancaya // VW family // Hugging a wild sloth in the Amazon // English woes in the mountains // Beautiful mountain lagoon in the Central Andes // Typical Amazon tribal dress // Mountain street life.

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